Queen's i-Fresh R (20 ml)szemcsepp

Mennyiség (doboz)
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Bolti ár: 1 890 Ft
eOpticians price: 1 590 Ft /doboz
Megtakarítás: 300 Ft (16%)

Refresh has a compatible pH with ocular tissue and ocular organic liquids with whom it comes in contact, hydrating your contact lenses and increasing their wettability.
Simply add a few Refresh drops to the surface of the lenses before applying them. If necessary, place one or two drops directly onto the eye whenever you feel discomfort or dryness.
Refresh is indicated as a re-hydrating solution for all types of contact lenses.
Once opened should be used within 30 days.

Type of product: Eye Drops
Content: 1 bottle of 20ml
- Recommended for treatment of dry or tired eyes
- Compatible pH with ocular tissue
- Restores the hydration of all types of contact lenses

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